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V-Form Panel Filter 595x595x45mm

V-Form Panel Filter 595x595x45mm

NZ $80.00(ex GST)


Airepure's V-Form extended surface panel filters include a metal outer frame and contain G4 rated filter media. Best suited to non-critical applications such as small air conditioning and ventilation systems or as a pre-filter to extend the life of the secondary filter.

Suitable as a primary filter to meet AS 1668.2 and can be installed in universal holding frames, side access applications and similar existing hardware. They may be used as pre-filters to extend the life of pocket bag or compact filters in these framing systems.

You may consider the PURE-V as a superior metal V-Form substitute with consistent pleat arrangement 100% hot melt sealed into the outer frame eliminating air and contaminant bypass - providing greater surface area over pressure drop, greater dust / contaminant holding capacity and longer filter life.

Product Code41112424
Actual Size (H x W x D)595 x 595 x 45mm
Airflow Capacity @ 1.80m/sec670 l/sec
Initial Resistance @ 1.80m/sec56
Airflow Capacity @ 2.54m/sec944 l/sec
Initial Resistance @ 2.54m/sec85


 Product Code: 41112424

Category: V Pleated Panel

Weight: 0.0180

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